For security, do these 5 tips for our account password

Password Password is one of the main keys so that accounts that are owned are safe and do not cause the potential to be taken over by irresponsible people. For that, the use of passwords must be made so secure that accounts are part of the privacy of their owners. Then, how do you make a password to be safe from hackers?

Some of us often create passwords for various accounts owned by both social media, banking and other business activities using the same word. This is to make it easier to remember and make it easier when opening the account. However, this actually has a greater vulnerability when hackers manage to break into it and has the potential to break into all accounts they have.

Then, how do you create a password that is both secure and easy to remember? Moreover, some of us may have more than two accounts. Remembering all the passwords is certainly not an easy matter.

So, to answer these questions, here are 5 tips for creating a secure password.

  1. Don’t use personal information Personal

information is something that is easy to remember and is widely used by most ordinary people to serve as a password for these accounts and actually makes it insecure and easy to hack. We recommend that you avoid using personal information to become an account password, if you have already changed it immediately so that account security remains ours safe.

  1. Use long passwords.

To make it easier to remember, short passwords are widely used. However, currently both banks and others have implemented long passwords ranging from 6 to 8 characters as part of security.

Banking, for example, generally implements a password or password security system using 6 numbers, while for social media accounts sometimes it requires us to use a minimum of 8 characters with a combination of numbers, letters and numerics. Long passwords make it difficult for hackers to crack. However, the drawback is that, maybe we have difficulty remembering it.

  1. Avoid using words in the dictionary.

Many cases of hacking social media accounts are caused by users using easy-to-guess words, such as birth year numbers and even unique words in the dictionary. This is usually easy to spot. Moreover, our personal information has been spread, very vulnerable to hackers.

For that, you should not use a password that comes from words in the dictionary. The password combination is the most recommended for using a password so that your account is safe.

  1. Use unique symbols and combinations

To create a secure password, we recommend that you use additional combinations of numbers, letters and numeric symbols to allow hackers to have trouble cracking passwords. Or at least, using a combination of them will be difficult and will take longer to decipher the passwords that we have when logging in.

  1. Change passwords regularly at least once a year.

There is much that can be done to protect the accounts that we have. Apart from using long combinations and series of words, you can also protect them by changing them regularly. At least, once a year. This is of course to maintain the confidentiality of our passwords.

However, the use of passwords that have a high level of difficulty with a combination of letters, numbers and other numeric symbols allows passwords to be more secure and difficult to crack. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Well, even if we come back, the risk is that even we ourselves sometimes have a hard time remembering it. Luckily, because currently there are many choices of applications that can store passwords safely and can be used when needed

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